All rentals are reserved and billed for a minimum of TWO 12 HOUR DAYS (considered a 24 hour period).

A major CREDIT CARD and VALID PHOTO ID are required to pick up ALL rentals. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Debit or Check cards for deposit. Rentals will not leave the store without this information on file, paid for or not. If someone other than the person renting the equipment is leaving a deposit, they must physically be in the store to process information. We appreciate your understanding of our "no exceptions" policy in this regard.

All rental contracts must be paid at or before the agreed pick up time and date.

24 Hour Rentals=Two 12 hour periods (noted at 2-Day Rentals) are picked up one business day and dropped off on the following business day. Rentals are due back at or before the time it was picked up the day prior. A good option for the photographer shooting an evening event or wants to try equipment out before they buy. You have the option to apply this rental charge towards purchase of same product within 30 days of the paid rental.

Multi day discount rentals are available for weekends and weekdays. The Weekend discount is Friday after 11am to pickup and Monday before 11am to drop off. The Weekday discount is Tuesday after 11am to pickup and Thursday before 4pm to drop off. This option is perfect for the weekend event photographer or someone heading out of town for a few days.

To access the Weekend discount, select Friday as a start day and the following Monday as an ending day.

To access the Weekday discount, select Tuesday as a start day and Thursday as a drop off date,

Pricing, availability, or products may change without notice. Horn Photo reserves the right to refuse rental privileges at any time to anyone.

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